After Having Their Individual Instagrams For Over A Month Here Is Each BTS Members’ Most Liked Post

ARMYs are always whipped for Yeontan content.

It has been a little over a month since all seven BTS members got their individual Instagram accounts, and in that time, all of the members have gotten used to the app.

Whether V is joking around with his friend or Jungkook is showing off his dog, Bam, all of the members have been sharing content that has kept ARMY glued to their phones.

Here is each member’s currently most-liked post.

Eldest member Jin‘s most-liked post, with over 16 million likes, features Jungkook as the two posed for a photo while filming for member Suga‘s “Daechwita” music video.

Suga’s post from early December has over 14.5 million likes on the app. Proving that even a slightly blurry image only serves as an artistic aesthetic if you are this effortlessly handsome.

With over 14 million likes, J-Hope‘s most-liked post is an aesthetic polaroid photo, which the idol seems partial to posting. J-Hope’s all-white outfit proves he knows exactly what he is doing with his shots, as he perfectly stands out from the dark background and yellow lights.

Jimin‘s first Instagram post boasts over 16 million likes, the simple photo showcasing his jaw-dropping visuals. With this sleek styling, it is only natural that ARMYs would love this photo.

Unlike his members, V’s most-liked photo does not show his face at all. Instead, his most-liked post, with over 17 million likes, features a sequence of pictures of his adorable pomeranian Yeontan. ARMYs have loved Yeontan since V first introduced him, so it comes as no surprise that the little dog has stolen their hearts on V’s Instagram as well.

BTS’s V (left) and Jungkook (right) | @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz/Instagram

Jungkook’s most-liked post on the app is almost at 17 million likes, and in the series of photos, including some with his member V, the artistic idol showcases an eye-catching aesthetic.

BTS’s RM | @rkive/Instagram

Interestingly, BTS’s leader, RM, has decided to private his Instagram posts’ likes. But ARMYs do not need those metrics to confidently say that RM’s eye for beautiful aesthetics has them liking all of his posts and eagerly waiting for his next update.