Agency Employee Reveals Positive Experience Failing To Cast TXT’s Taehyun

Even though they failed, they only had good things to say.

Long before joining Big Hit Entertainment as a trainee in 2016 and debuting with TXT in 2019, Taehyun had agencies trying to cast him left and right for his appearance. During that time, he reportedly turned down twenty agencies. It turns out he even turned down offers after becoming a trainee, as well.

An employee from one of those agencies recently spoke up about encountering Taehyun. Although they’d failed to cast him, they only had positive things to say about him and what happened.

When the employee spotted Taehyun, he immediately introduced himself. He’d revealed that he worked for a company and asked if he’d already had an agency representing him. Taehyun didn’t bat an eye at the approach of this stranger.

He was unbothered by the employee’s words, “Taehyun was like, ‘Oh my god, these situations are familiar. I’ve been cast so many times.'” He listened and answered his question with a smile, confirming that he’d already joined an agency.

After hearing that, the employee was “so sorry for that,” to find out he’d already been snatched up. Curious about which one it could’ve been, he asked Taehyun about it. Once he’d heard Big Hit Entertainment, he’d knew he couldn’t sway Taehyun to his side, “I just gave up.”

As he mentioned how regretful he’d felt at missing out on signing him, he had only praise for Taehyun.

At the time, he thought Taehyun was the perfect person to join his agency. Since he was only a middle school student with such stunning visuals, the employee couldn’t help but think, “He is already perfect because he is so handsome. He was so handsome that I felt strange… I’ve never seen anyone so handsome.”

If Taehyun hadn’t joined Big Hit Entertainment, there were more than a few agencies who would’ve snatched him up and signed him for his handsome visuals. Fortunately for MOAs, he’s able to show that and his true talents as part of TXT.

It’s interesting to see how agencies were just as crazy about Taehyun as everyone else. Check out the employee’s first impression of Taehyun here.