Ahn Jae Hong Reveals How He Lost over 20 Pounds in Such a Short Period of Time

Ahn Jae Hong also shared his particular eating style.

Actor Ahn Jae Hong recently appeared on JTBC’s Please Take Care of My Refrigerator where he graced the viewers with an eating show and revealed how he lost over 20 pounds in such a short period of time.

Host Kim Sung Joo asked, “It looks like you lost a lot of weight. Did you go on a diet?” to which Ahn Jae Hong answered, “I lost around 10 kilograms” and surprised everyone.

Ahn Jae Hong then revealed the secret behind his weight loss by sharing that he rode his bicycle pretty much every day.

But he also shared the concern, “I think I’m going to rebound. I have to maintain it for two months, but my sense of smell gets really sensitive. So I give myself cheat days when I eat a lot at once. Today’s that day.

When Chun Woo Hee joked, “Every day is cheat day for Ahn Jae Hong” Ahn Jae Hong confessed, “I love eating too much. Rather than eating a lot at once, I like to go from place to place and eat a variety. When I go to Gwangjang Market, I go for 6 rounds of food.

Source: Dispatch