Aiki From “Street Woman Fighter” Is The Coolest Mom Ever — And Her Daughter Is Just As Cool

Didn’t do your homework? No problem!

Aiki blew everyone away with her powerful dancing on Street Woman Fighter as well as her confident but friendly leadership style. The HOOK crew leader’s cool personality also shines when she’s at home with her husband and daughter, though in different ways!

Aiki and her daughter Yeon Woo. | @aiki_kr/Instagram

During her appearance on the show The Manager, viewers got a peek into Aiki’s home life, including what her relationship with her nine-year-old daughter Yeon Woo is like. After preparing her daughter’s breakfast, Aiki laid out three outfits for her to choose from. Lee Young Ja, one of the hosts, exclaimed, “Where do you find such a mother!

| KOCOWA TV/YouTube 

Aside from letting Yeon Woo pick out her own outfits, Aiki also lets Yeon Woo dye her hair! Both of them have the ends of their hair bleached and dyed a light red. They also have photos around the apartment of both of them looking fierce!

Aiki and Yeon Woo. | @aiki_kr/Instagram

When Yeon Woo said she wasn’t sure if she had homework and that she didn’t do any, Aiki had an unexpected response: “You don’t do your homework anyway. That’s alright.”

When the teacher asks why you didn’t do your homework, tell her that you’ll have to do homework when you grow up.

— Aiki

| KOCOWA TV/YouTube 

Aiki explained that the characteristic she wants to instill in Yeon Woo is confidence, and that her decisions are all based around that, from letting her express herself to dancing with her to supporting her dream of being a webtoon artist.

Since she was little, I wanted to pass on this trait to her. It’s confidence. Children are normally shy at first, and intimidated. But I try to tell her that it’s okay to try it out.

— Aiki

Yeon Woo definitely has confidence — and style! Though her mother laid out three options for outfits, Yeon Woo added her own input by suggesting she wear cropped leggings underneath one of them. They’re definitely a strong duo!

| KOCOWA TV/YouTube 

Check out the clip from the episode below!

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