Ailee Reveals She Caught Her Ex-Boyfriend Cheating On Her

She caught him red-handed.

On May 14th’s episode of Video Star, Ailee revealed that she has caught her ex-boyfriend cheating on her in the past.

She shocked all of the guests and hosts when she stated that she actually saw her boyfriend cheat on her with her own two eyes.


She began to tell the story of how she planned a surprise for the boyfriend on his birthday.

On his birthday, I told him I can’t go to his party because of my homework. But I was already on my way.

ㅡ Ailee


When she arrived at the birthday party, however, everyone who was there began to “scatter like cockroaches”.

I appeared at the party as a surprise but as soon as I arrived, everyone began to scatter like cockroaches.

ㅡ Ailee


It turns out, the boyfriend was at the party being physically affectionate with another woman.

My boyfriend was being physically affectionate with another woman and I saw it.

ㅡ Ailee


Ailee explained that she was so shocked that she couldn’t say anything.

I was so shocked that I couldn’t say anything. Then my boyfriend said, ‘It’s a misunderstanding,’ but I had already seen everything.

ㅡ Ailee


She continued, “I went a long way to get there but I came back crying and it was even raining on that day.”


She explained that because of the shock from the experience, she felt sorry towards her next boyfriend, who she could not give her best to. Thinking of this person, she released her 2016 song “If You”.


Watch the full video below:


Source: Naver TV