Ailee Gushes About BTS’s Jimin And Reveals She Wanted To Collaborate Since His Debut

We need that collab ASAP.

Ailee gushed about BTS‘s Jimin in a recent interview with Eric Nam.


She chose Jimin as her favorite member of BTS, explaining how captivating his voice is.

There’s just like something in his voice, the way he sings, that just seduces you.


She confirmed that while she may not have a crush on the idol, she is very much impressed by his talent.

I’m not saying I’m attracted to him like that, but his voice is so captivating. And the way he sings is just mind-blowing. The way he does all his vocals and falsettos sometimes is just like, “Who is this guy!’

Ailee then revealed that she has been a long time fan of BTS.

I actually liked his voice before they blew up in the States. When they were still rookies, when they were new, I was like ‘I wanna sing with him’. Like, I saw them performing on a music show and I saw him and I was just like ‘Who is that kid? He is so good. I wanna do a song with him someday.



Even more impressive was that she already began the process of a collaboration.

I was actually looking for songs to sing with him and then they blew up and I was just like ‘Okay’.


Fans loved this interaction, amazed that one of the most powerful singers in K-Pop acknowledges Jimin’s talent.


Check out the full video below:


Source: DIVE Studios