Here’s Why Ailee Was Criticized for Her Weight Even After Her Most Dramatic Weight Loss

Ailee confessed that she once lost over 20 pounds before a comeback, but the response was not what she expected.

Ailee recently appeared on MBC’s Video Star where she opened up about her experience with dieting.

Ailee shared that before one of her past comebacks, she dieted and exercised very hard and was the lightest she ever was at 49 kilograms.

But when she finally made her comeback, she received negative responses such as, “Did you gain it all back?” and “What happened in the last few days?

Ailee continued and explained, “I didn’t expect that because I had lost 10 to 11 kilograms before that comeback. But that was the response I received.

She then explained the reason behind the negative reactions, which was a photoshopped image of her looking closer to 38 kilograms.

Ailee thought back on that experience and shared, “I felt like that was so unfair because I had lost a lot of weight.” She then showed the photoshopped photo and added, “That’s not even my real height. I’m not that tall.

When the cast of the show saw a real photo of Ailee during that time, they complimented how beautiful she was and how she looked much better than the photoshopped photo.

Ailee then updated everyone on her current status by sharing, “I’m not a diet anymore. But I’m making an effort to eat 3 to 4 small meals instead of 1 big meal a day.

Source: Insight