Akdong Musician’s Lee Suhyun Shows She Really Doesn’t Give a F*** About What Other People Say

“I guess I just don’t meet those peoples’ standards. I also have no intention of meeting them.”

Akdong Musician’s Lee Suhyun has gained the applause of fans and the public for her confidence in herself and her unwavering personal values.

Recently, she held a live broadcast and she was asked what she values in a person’s visuals.

Contrary to the current visual standards many Koreans have, Lee Suhyun said hers are quite different and she has a lot of bad memories due to her appearance in the past.

“Regarding my values of appearance, I have pretty different standards. I have a lot of bad memories regarding my appearance, so I think I can help everyone understand.

It’s difficult to meet beauty standards set by others.”

— Lee Suhyun

She mentioned that there will always be someone who questions what you do, whether it’s before or after the fact.

“If someone said to me ‘you have monolids, your eyes are too small. Get double eyelid surgery.’ Then, say I go out to get double eyelid surgery, after that, someone else will say ‘Why did you get surgery?'”

— Lee Suhyun

Lee Suhyun ended by saying each person should follow their own values and thinks she is beautiful enough, no matter what anyone else says.

“In the end, each person has their own standards and values of beauty. So, we should try to meet our own standards instead of fitting into other peoples’.

Akdong Musician may not get as many hateful comments as other groups, but we still get them. Many of them are dissing our visuals. I see those a lot, especially for pre-debut photos.

I guess I just don’t meet those peoples’ standards. I also have no intention of meeting them. I have my own standards for beauty and, if I can meet those, then I am beautiful enough.

No matter what anyone says, if I am pretty by my standards, I am pretty enough.”

— Lee Suhyun

Watch the whole video below: