AKMU Comforts Those Who Went Through a Breakup with Unofficial Song

This unreleased song is resonating with those who recently went through a heartbreak.

In recent days, a past performance of AKMU‘s unofficial song resurfaced in various online communities with fans asking AKMU to release this song as soon as possible.

Following Chanhyuk‘s enlistment in the military back in 2017, fans have been anxiously waiting for his discharge so that AKMU can reunite and release more songs, but a particular song is receiving more attention than most.

In a past appearance at the Someday Festival, Suhyun and Chanhyuk shared a song that hadn’t been completed or released yet.

It was a song that talked about the heartaches that follow a breakup and it was well-complimented by Suhyun’s pure voice and Chanhyuk’s husky way of singing.

The lyrics that really touched the listeners were, “How could I love you only until the breakup? I simply just love you. I refuse to break up out of love and then hurt as my heart is ripping into two.

Listen to AKMU’s unreleased song that is said to make those who went through a breakup cry in the link below: