AKMU’s Chanhyuk Has Been In The Military For 6 Months, This Is What He Looks Like Now

Chanhyuk’s image has totally changed since his enlistment!

AKMU’s Chanhyuk quietly enlisted in the Marines last September for his military service.


3 months into his enlistment, his sister Suhyun paid him a visit and posted a cute selfie they took together on her Instagram.

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The photo shows Chanhyuk wearing his military uniform.


Chanhyuk recently posted another selfie taken with Suhyun during his leave.

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The post was titled “Hello sister?”


Chanhyuk seems to have gotten more mature since his enlistment.


His short hair makes him look more masculine and tough as well! A true marine.


Many fans left comments expressing that they missed him and wished him a good remaining service.

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Chanhyuk will be discharged on Jun 17, 2019. Until then, take care Chanhyuk!

Source: Instiz and Sports Donga