AKMU Hilariously Bicker On “Amazing Saturday” And Sit Apart From Each Other

This is sibling rivalry at its finest.

AKMU’s Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Suhyun were the guests of the April 3 episode of tvN‘s Amazing Saturday. The siblings had some hilarious conflicts on the show, showing some realistic sibling bickering.

Chanhyuk (left) and Suhyun (right) | tvN

Chanhyuk had some specific conditions that he had requested in order to appear on the show. The siblings were seated on opposite sides despite the fact that guests are usually seated together. Chanhyuk proclaimed, “It’s our concept for today.

Chanhyuk put some conditions for his appearance in today’s episode. First, he wanted to be seated as far from his sister as possible. Second, he said he would like if he could be seated next to people who would support his opinions.


Hanhae (left), Chanhyuk (middle), and Nucksal (right)

Chanhyuk further explained that there was a reason he wanted to be far away from his sister. “She ridicules about 70-80% of what I say.” He complained. “I needed to sit somewhere I could sound more trustworthy.Nucksal joked that if he wanted trust, he had to sit somewhere else (as he was sitting between Nucksal and Hanhae).

Suhyun chimed in by sharing that they have very different styles. She shared, “I’m the type to get excited as I write while he muddies the waters.

I’m not muddying the waters, but enjoying life. I am looking for people who will enjoy life with me.


Suhyun also added to this by telling the cast more about their songwriting process as they were curious how the siblings would divide the parts.

First, he makes the song and then I listen to the demo version. Then, I sing another demo version by myself, and decide which parts I like. I claim most of the parts. He gets the leftovers.