AKMU Is The Perfect Example Of What Siblings Are Like In Real Life.

Akdong Musician prove they have the perfect sibling relationship as they refuse to make the popular hand heart signs in public.

All sibling can relate to the moment the rest of the family asks you to stop fighting for a moment and look cute for the camera. But sibling duo Akdong Musician doesn’t just have their family, but rather a legion of fans around the world waiting to see their perfect sibling moment.

The two have already proven to audiences that they make the perfect duo after appearances on live streams and variety shows, but their latest antics have fans falling in love all over again. Refusing to make the famous heart sign for the cameras, Chanhyuk and Suhyun have never failed to make awkward or incomplete heart signs, signaling their adorable love-hate relationship.

Take a look at Akdong Musicians amazing love-hate heart below!

Akdong Musician
During their fan meetings, they always entertain fans refusing to make the famous heart sign.

Akdong Musician
They are unbelievably relatable for anyone who has a sibling.

Akdong Musician
They even refuse to make heart signs for fans.

However, since Chanhyuk is considering enlisting in the military by the end of 2017  this year may be the end of Akdong Musicians hilarious sibling antics for now. Suhyun has stated she will continue to perform as a solo artist while her brother is serving.