AKMU’s Suhyun And Henry Gave “Baby Shark” An Upgrade And It’s About To Become Your Energy Booster Song

Baby shark, ddu du du du du.

AKMU‘s Suhyun and Henry, boasting their sibling chemistry on Begin Again, got together to give the now internationally beloved children’s song “Baby Shark” an incredible upgrade. Get ready, because this harmonic live version is about to pick up your mood!


Suhyun and Henry are first seen being silly on camera. Suhyun is rolling eyes at Henry who is playing away at his violin.


Soon though, Suhyun starts singing and Henry chimes in with the strings. Fans have long known that Henry is a musical genius – but it is still mind blowing all the same the way Henry casually strums his violin like an ukulele and still manages to make it sound amazing!


For each shark in the family – from baby to grandpa – Suhyun and Henry make the tone of their voices and the guitar-violin accompaniment sound different. While the song and the two K-Pop stars are cute and all, in the end fans are simply awed by how much musical talent just happened in this video.


The video continues to trend at over 1M views. With Suhyun’s revitalizing voice and Henry’s flawless string strumming, this “Baby Shark” is the pick-me-up you’ve been looking for this week.


Listen to the song here: