AKMU Suhyun’s Welcome Back Message for Chanhyuk Has Fans Wondering If Her Account Was Hacked

“Did your phone get stolen or hacked?”

Akdong Musician‘s Chanhyuk was recently discharged from his service in the military, and he thanked all his fans by posting a photo of himself on his Instagram account along with the caption, “Thank you to everyone who waited for me.

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기다려주신 분들 감사합니다🐗

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Among the many congratulations among fans, his little sister and fellow Akdong Musician member, Suhyun decided to join and say a few words herself.

Suhyun wrote, “Kya! I’ve been waiting for you, Oppa!” in the cutest way and drew overwhelming attention.

Since the two siblings are known to bicker and make fun of each other int he cutest ways, fans were shocked to see such a loving and adorable comment.

The comment was so surprising to fans that many are wondering if she was hacked or had her phone stolen.

Whether the comment was written by Suhyun or Chanhyuk, all that matters is that Chanhyuk is back and we’ll hopefully be seeing the duo back in the music scene very soon!

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