AKMU’s Soohyun Lost 18 Pounds, Here’s What She Looks Like Now

She survived on fruits and veggies for four months and the result looks amazing!

AKMU‘s Soohyun used to be fluffy and adorable, but after her 4-month weight loss extreme transformation, she is now a beauty guru princess.

Soohyun has her own beauty YouTube channel where she shares tips on how she does her make-up.


AKMU’s Soohyun used to be this cutie with chubby cheeks.

She shared that she decided to shed some pounds in preparation for a new album release.


Soohyun lost almost 18 pounds over the past 4 months by keeping a strict diet of granola, grapefruits, chicken breasts, and tofu salads.

She has lost weight using this strict diet and workout system before.


Soohyun also worked out with a trainer at the gym!


Now, slimmer than ever, AKMU’s Soohyun is a goddess!

Soohyun wowed her fans with amazing transformation, beautifully captured in her Allure photo shoot and on her Instagram!


Soohyun will be appearing on Begin Again 2, along with artists like Lena Park, Henry, and more.

Source: 1boon