Alex Reid Finally Shares Her Side Of The Story & Clears The Air About Her Departure From Rania

She laid all of the rumors to rest.

Rania‘s rebranding as BP Rania in 2016 was controversial and groundbreaking for including Alex Reid as the very first non-asian K-Pop idol.

A teaser for the group’s final release as BP Rania, “Beep Beep Beep”

Less than a year after debuting, however, Alex mysteriously left the group. Alleged evidence of her mistreatment circulated online as fans speculated the cause of her departure, but save for cryptic tweets about the situation Alex has remained quiet about the exact cause of her exit.

In a YouTube video with Unpretty Rapstar‘s Grace, Alex finally answers the questions that have been on fans’ minds for almost 2 years: why did she really leave BP Rania? Was she kicked out? Did she leave willingly?

Fans surmised that either DR Music or her fellow BP Rania members forced her out of the group, but Alex revealed that this was untrue. She didn’t give specifics, but she says that the situation became too toxic and she voluntarily chose to leave the group.

I just felt like it wasn’t a healthy situation for me anymore. It became like ‘why am I sacrificing my own happiness just to prove that I can handle it?’ So I decided to just walk away.


Another million dollar question was why she was never included in the full choreographies for their comeback songs, to which she admitted that even she didn’t know.

During “Demonstrate” I was told I came in last minute, which I did, so I totally understood. Over time it became like I was in the dark. I would be in America and asking when I’m coming back, and then when I would come back it would be like late, and they would be like “it’s too late, we can’t fit you.” And then I would be like “what do you mean? Then, why wasn’t I here?”

– Alex

Despite the “messy” way things ended between Alex and BP Rania, she says she doesn’t regret any moment spent with the group and that she values the good times along with the bad times.

For sure, like I definitely miss it. Even the hard stuff I miss.

– Alex

Alex then revealed that she’s writing a book based on her time in Korea, so fans who want even more juicy details will have to wait until that book comes out and Alex can add “author” to her list of many titles. Alex also talks about the racism she experienced and what it’s like dating idols in the full video below: