AleXa Shares The Artist She Wants To Collaborate With The Most

She also reveals her adorable interaction with her dream collaborator!

AleXa returned to Korea in the early morning on May 19. When she arrived, she headed to Seoul’s Blue Square performing arts hall to join a press conference conducted in honor of her winning NBC‘s American Song Contest.

| @AleXa_ZB/Twitter

Members of the press gathered to ask AleXa about her experience on the show and what her Korean and international schedules will look like moving forward.

The press was particularly interested in her interactions with other celebrities while filming American Song Contest. Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson hosted the show, and AleXa shared that they both were very complimentary of her performance. The CEO of her record label, ZB Label, pointed out that Snoop Dogg was already familiar with K-Pop, so he asked to meet AleXa after the contest.

ZB Label CEO, Kim Jun Hong

Kelly Clarkson had also previously shared that her niece is a huge fan of K-Pop, so she was already aware of AleXa.

AleXa appeared at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards (also known as the BBMAs) as part of the reward for winning the show. A reporter asked her how her experience was attending the BBMAs, and AleXa revealed that she was able to meet the artist she wants to collaborate with the most and shared part of their interaction.

On her list of dream collaborators, Doja Cat is her top choice.

| @AleXa_ZB/Twitter

AleXa said meeting her felt like a dream and jokingly shared that she may have inspired Doja Cat to add a few piercings to her collection during their conversation.

Doja Cat wasn’t the only fellow artist she met that night; she was also able to meet Jack HarlowDJ KhaledChloe Bailey (also known as Chlöe), Becky Gand more

As for her plans now, she shared that she will be promoting “Wonderland” in Korea and continuing to promote and work globally. 

You can check out the full press conference below!

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