AleXa Reveals Her Unique Approach To Comebacks—No Wonder Her MVs Are So Incredible

Her approach is all back-to-front, but somehow it works.

AleXa debuted as a soloist less than 6 months ago and has two singles under her belt, but what’s she’s really becoming known for is her incredible music video production. Racking up almost 20 million views combined already, just how are AleXa’s MVs this good? Well, her unique approach to comebacks might have something to do with it.

AleXa (who you may know as Alex Christine from Produce 48) released her first single, “Bomb”, in October 2019. It currently has 12 million views on YouTube. Her second track, “Do or Die”, dropped on March 6 2020, and already has 7.4 million views.

From the moment “Bomb” was released, everyone couldn’t stop talking about the music video—in particular, the use of special effects. “Bomb” featured CGI throughout, including a digitally created futuristic city and robotic technology overlays.

“Do or Die” upped the ante even more with a holographic AleXa clone, CGI drone robots, and even more impressive biotechnology effects.

Both music videos fit AleXa’s cyberpunk aesthetic perfectly, and it’s safe to say that her concept is one of the strongest and most consistent out there. And that’s all because of the unique approach she and her company, ZB Label, have to each comeback.

For most K-Pop artists, the music comes first. Music videos are usually planned and directed well after a comeback song has been chosen. But for AleXa, it’s the complete opposite.

First, AleXa’s team visualizes the music video. They come up with the concept and decide on a storyline. Then, they work out how it will be executed and storyboard the video, nailing down the flow of the plot and the climaxes throughout.

Let’s make a movie in five minutes’ is kind of our goal with the music video and then we interpret that through the song.

— AleXa

Only after the music video has been decided does AleXa’s team begin working on the song itself. While this method is completely back-to-front compared to the norm, it’s what allows ZB Label to create such amazing, movie-like creations.

We work very closely with the famous Swedish producing team called EKKO Music Rights, not just sit back and listen to ‘Oh, how about this demo.’ We were able to give our input into what kind of sound we want because we think very visually.

— AleXa

And it makes sense, given that ZB Label is headed by ZANYBROS, a famous music video production company. Even if you’ve never heard of ZANYBROS, you’re likely familiar with their work. This company is the team behind all the recent music videos for MAMAMOO, (G)I-DLE, GFRIEND, CLC, Pentagon, ONEUS, and more.

Everything about AleXa’s past has been non-traditional, given how she competed in multiple survival shows for JYP Entertainment, CUBE Entertainment, and Mnet before debuting as a soloist. So, taking a non-traditional approach to comebacks seems perfect for her. And above all else, AleXa is very happy with how things turned out.

Not just with music, but conceptually, sound-wise of course and visually, this company is so open-minded and so creative. I don’t think at this point I can see myself in a different company. Zanybros is my second home at this point.

— AleXa

Source: Korea Herald
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