AleXa Wants To Play Marvel Superhero ‘Silk’ In The Marvel Cinematic Universe, And Here’s Why It Needs To Happen

No one else can do it like AleXa does it.

Now that she has won the first American Song Contest, AleXa is ready for her next big project—and she has her sights set on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

| @alexa_zbofficial/Instagram

On May 11, AleXa tweeted at Marvel Entertainment about playing the role of Silk, a popular superhero in the Spiderman stories.

In the comics, Silk is the superhero identity of Cindy Moon, a Korean American character that has the same powers as Peter Parker’s Spiderman. The character made a brief appearance in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, played by actress Tiffany Espensen, but since then hasn’t reappeared in the MCU.

Tiffany Espensen in Spider-Man: Homecoming | Sony Pictures Entertainment

Sony Pictures Entertainment, which owns the rights to all the Spiderman characters, has plans to produce a Silk series with Amazon Studios. But while a showrunner was announced in 2021 (Watchmen producer Tom Spezialy), an official casting announcement has yet to be made. The show was expected to be released in the winter of 2022, but with no further news on the casting, it is not completely sure whether Tiffany Espensen will reprise her role or not.

| @alexa_zbofficial/Instagram

This might mean there could be an opening for AleXa—particularly now that she has proven she’s got the skills for it! In her “Wonderland” performance, AleXa showed a talent for aerial stunts, which got more and more difficult as she progressed towards the finals.

AleXa performing “Wonderland” at the semi-finals | American Song Contest/YouTube 

Not only that, but the stunts are actually called ‘aerial silk’ stunts, which sounds rather appropriate…

…and looks similar to the character too!

Cover of Silk #1 (2015) | Marvel Comics

In an interview with TV Guide, AleXa indicated that she had become quite comfortable with aerial silks (and it wasn’t even the only time she expressed interest in doing ‘scary’ stunts).

When I was in Korea, I think it was last summer perhaps, I did aerial yoga like once or twice. Granted, it’s different than aerial silks because it’s not that highly elevated, but still, I worked with silks a little bit.

— AleXa

Given her background as a Korean American and her talent for aerial silks, AleXa may just be an ideal candidate to play the character of Silk. She not only has the lived experience of being Korean American, but she also definitely has the physicality required for the role. In fact, her music video for “REVOLUTION” already gave fans a taste of ‘superhero AleXa,’ proving she could convincingly play the part.

While it is not yet known what Sony Pictures Entertainment’s plans are regarding the cast of Silk, it would be amazing to see AleXa show off what she can do as a superhero.

And if you’re still not convinced she’s the right person for the role, check out her performance of “Wonderland” at the semi-finals on the link below!

Source: Twitter, Screenrant and TV Guide