AleXa Picks Her Two Favorite K-Pop Girl Groups, And They’re Total Opposites

Both groups are top-tier and slay completely different concepts.

As a K-Pop solo artist, AleXa sees some of the greatest performers up close during promotions. With that in mind, she shared which two groups always keep her attention.


During a Q&A with YouTuber Megan Moon, she caught AleXa a bit off guard by asking which K-Pop girl group was her number one. Since it was such a tough choice, AleXa couldn’t settle on just one.

The first group she named took the crown for dark aesthetics and rock-style music that’s hauntingly beautiful. AleXa revealed, “I’m a big fan of DREAMCATCHER.

She then chose a group that was the complete opposite in the best way. Like TXT‘s Taehyun showed his love for the cheerful and elegant group, AleXa said, “But I also love TWICE a lot.

When picking her favorite TWICE song, AleXa couldn’t help but name their debut song “Like OHH-AHH” and bust out the dance moves to it.

Since AleXa’s own music and concepts range from dark to cheerful, it makes sense she would be inspired by the two popular groups. Check out AleXa’s answer here.