All Female idols in JYP have this one thing in common

In addition to their stunning visuals, it appears that JYP‘s female idols have one more thing in common that not many would expect.

Everyone knows that JYP has some of K-pop’s top visuals in the industry, and their faces are seen everywhere in Korea. However, not many people know that these visuals also have a particular body feature in common: their perfect shoulders.

Wonder Girl‘s Hyerim, miss A‘s Suzy and Fei, as well as TWICE‘s Mina and Chaeyoung, all boast stunning doll-like shoulders, which they often show off on stage through various outfits.


One of Hyerim’s most defining features on her body would have to be her sharp and prominent collarbones that nicely emphasizes her upper area.

This makes her figure perfect for wearing dresses and tank tops that show off her shoulders.

Her way of styling during the Wonder Girl‘s “I Feel You” promotions really complimented her body type, especially the upper area.

miss A’s Fei

Fei’s thin shoulders and small frame make her the ideal “doll-like” body.

Her body is perfect for shoulderless tops, which emphasize her curves and figure.

Without even having to show much skin, Fei’s bared shoulders give her such a dash of sexy.

miss A’s Suzy

Suzy’s shoulders aren’t the only thing she has going for her. Her shoulders paired with her long and thin neck give her an alluring and delicate appearance.

Suzy’s beautiful neck makes the idol look and appear more elegant in her styling.

However, it is her neck paired with delicately shaped shoulders that give her a very feminine aura.


Another JYP idol who has a very thin frame and delicate shoulders is TWICE’s Mina.

Much like Fei, Mina’s body shape works perfectly with shoulderless top, which emphasize her upper body.

Her small shoulders give her a very feminine look.

TWICE Chaeyoung

TWICE’s Chaeyoung also has very nicely framed shoulders, which allow her to look amazing in any top.

Chaeyoung’s shoulders are extremely flattering and slope perfectly.

She would fits perfectly with halter tops, which nicely emphasize her frame.

Source: Dispatch