All female trainees must do this one thing before they can debut

On a recent broadcast, Gugudan‘s Sejeong revealed that all female idols would have to go through one particular exercise in order to debut.

Sejeong featured on KBS‘s Happy Together along with other girl group members, including Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny and G-Friend‘s Yerin. During the introductory segment, the girls were asked if Girls’ Generation was one of the reasons they all decided to become singers.

However, rather than answering the question, Sejeong revealed that before girl groups could debut, all the girl trainees had to practice the veteran group’s debut song “Into the New World” before they could debut. The other girl group members on the show were quick to acknowledge this, stating that they had all practiced the song as well.

Being used as an example for female trainees and rookie groups definitely proves Girls’ Generation’s status as a legendary K-Pop girl group. You can check out the cut from the show below: