All We Learned From The First Episode of BTS’s “Burn The Stage”

Learn all about what went on in BTS’s 2017 Wing Tour on “Burn the Stage”!

Burn the Stage is a documentary that shows what went on behind the scenes during BTS’s 2017 Wings World Tour.

The Wings Tour was BTS’s second worldwide tour that promoted their second album “Wings”. The tour lasted from February 18, 2017 to December 10, 2017 and toured a total of 12 countries including Brazil, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and the US, bringing together around 550,000 fans.


In contrast to their grand presence on stage, the documentary showed BTS backstage in their everyday attire enjoying a meal and being silly just like any other boys their age.


RM also shared a behind-the-scenes story about their music producing process. Sometimes working at the studio can be so tiring, so he once took his work to Starbucks but things didn’t turn out the way he had hoped!

“I got all ready and went to Starbucks and sat down. I opened it and I realized I didn’t bring my pencil case lol” ㅡ RM


In addition, it showed how much effort each member put into the concert in order to present their best possible performance to their fans.


Viewers were able to see how the members joked around with each other to help pass the time.


And they always fool around like true brothers always trying to out-beat one another.

“This scene was very expensive.” ㅡ Staff

“Oh, so it must cost more than J-Hope’s. In that case, please don’t tell the other members.” ㅡ Jin


They can never keep a straight face as they fill the concert halls with their bromance hooliganisms!

“I couldn’t hear anything you said because of Yoongi lol” ㅡ J-Hope

“I’m going to kill Yoongi, trying to act all professional” ㅡ Jimin


In one scene, Jin was complaining about his leg hurting and Jimin savagely cut him down by claiming it’s because of his old age!

“My legs are shaking.” ㅡ Jin

“Your legs are shaking already? It’s because you’re old.” ㅡ Jimin


But Jungkook came to the rescue and commented on how handsome Jin was, and the oldest hyung literally brightened up like the sun!

“Why what’s wrong? My Jin is handsome.” ㅡ Jungkook


The viewers got a sneak peek into how their special stages were made…


… and what the members’ personal goals were for the next year.

Suga seemed unsure responding that he was also curious as to how he would change and evolve in the year to come.

RM said that he was into “workwear” at the time and wondered if he would still be into the style and that he hopes he still would be. He also expected himself to become a person who continues to overcome his limits.

Jin hoped his face wouldn’t be bloated and that his consistent practice would make his dance skills superior over RM’s by then.

J-Hope wasn’t sure how he would change but wanted to learn more about himself through the experience.

Jimin wished that he could become a great singer and that he’d like to show the audience everything they expected and more.

Jungkook confessed that he had difficulties putting his plans into action and hoped that his future self would be a person who is putting his plans into action.

And V wished his future self a safe journey throughout the tour.


The first episode is available on YouTube for free but the rest of the series will require a subscription to YouTube Red.

Source: Youtube