“All Of Us Are Dead” Lee Eun Saem Looks Unrecognizable From Her Previous Role In “The Red Sleeve”

Fans are loving the duality.

With Netflix’s All Of Us Are Dead gaining global attention, the actors from the show are also receiving the spotlight. Actress Lee Eun Saem, who played the role of Park Mi Jin, showed off a fierce persona through her foul-mouthed high-schooler role. 

| All Of Us Are Dead/Netflix

With this role, netizens began to show interest in the actor and wondered what other roles she has played. Born in 1999, she started off as a child actor and has had a fair share of acting history.

| 2eunsaem/Instagram

What’s even more shocking is that she played a role in the MBC K-Drama The Red Sleeve before this role. In The Red Sleeve, she played the role of the main character’s best friend, who had a sweet and calm personality.

| 2eunsaem/Instagram

She received much praise for her ability to take on two totally different roles, making it almost impossible to believe that she played both these characters. The cast of the drama have also been seeing a huge rise in followers on social media accounts after the show shot up to number one on Netflix.

Source: insight