Amateur Stylist Majors From A Korean College Are Praised For Styling A K-Pop Idol Group

“They’re way better than actual stylists.”

Styling and fashion are huge aspects of the K-Pop industry, and it isn’t always easy for stylists to find outfits that match and suit each artist—however, a group of stylist majors from a Korean college gained attention for how they styled a K-Pop idol group.

| @ck_fashionschool/Instagram

ChungKang College of Cultural Industries has a School of Fashion and Beauty Style. There is a three-year program for Stylist Majors where “students learn to produce various creative fashion products ranging from handmade to high-tech items and the collaboration projects with K-pop stylists.

| ChungKang College of Cultural Industries

At the end of last year, a group of Stylist Majors styled girl group CLASS:y for their cover of BLACKPINK‘s “Pink Venom” on Dancing Doll Stage 2. 

CLASS:y’s performance of “Pink Venom” | MODB/YouTube

Dressed in variations of black, CLASS:y put on an excellent performance, but people also praised their outfits. ChungKang College’s Stylist Majors posted a clip of this CLASS:y performance on their Instagram account, and netizens raged on about how amazing their styling was.

  • “They’re way better than actual stylists”
  • “Ah, I thought the stylist changed but I guess not. This is so much better.”
  • “I thought it was pretty and now I know the reason why”
  • “One thing’s for sure: this is so much prettier”
  • “Can these students just style them…”
  • “Legit so pretty!”

The school also showcased the details of a few of their outfits. The first was a graduation project by a student named Kwon Hyo Bin, who is now working as a stylist for NCT Dream, YOUNITE, and Stray Kids.

| @ck_fashionschool/Instagram

CLASS:y’s Boeun rocked this outfit as if it came straight out of her closet.

Next is this red-plaid and black outfit worn by Jimin.

It was designed by a student named Kim Ga Young, who is currently working under stylist Choi Min Hye, who often styles for TWICE.


It’s clear that these students’ talents led them to a bright future working with K-Pop idols and they will only continue to thrive as stylists. We cannot wait to see what kind of outfits these stylists will create for our favorite idols next!


Source: ChungKang College of Cultural Industries, @ck_fashionschool and MODB