This Amazing Vocalist From PENTAGON Sang Their Song In Filipino And Did A Very Good Job Impressing Their Filipino Fans

“Hey, mahal ko!” never sounded so right, until now.

PENTAGON recently had their comeback with their song “Dr. BeBe”. And for their promotions, they were invited to sing their song in three different languages. At first, Jinho was seen to have prepared for this game.

They were divided into three teams: Team Russia, Team Philippines and Team Indonesia.

When asked if they were satisfied with their teams, Jinho smiled his approval while Kino protested.

For the warm-up round, they started singing. Hongseok had a bit of trouble adjusting to singing in Filipino, even though he’s fluent in Korean, Chinese and English.

Jinho easily sings his line and even manages to add his trademark high-pitched tone — it seemed like he was performing on stage!

Yuto, the last member of “Team Philippines”, had a bit of a struggle, since Japanese is his native tongue. Considering the fact that his line needed to be rapped, he did a decent job!

You can then see Jinho transition from Korean to Filipino smoothly. The fact that he practiced hard for this game really shows.

Again, his “Hey, mahal ko” line was sung perfectly. When he sang it, you’d think it was part of the original song lyrics.

And this one was the cherry on top: it was performance-level singing and Jinho did not disappoint.

Filipino Universes are impressed with Jinho’s skills.

Good job to everyone in Pentagon — especially to Jinho!

Want to hear PENTAGON charm you by singing their song in three languages? Check out the full video below.