f(x)’s Amber Hilariously Dropped By Krystal’s Instagram Just To Remind Her To Send A Reply

Amber just wanted Krystal to reply to her!

So you know your friend is online and has seen your message but still hasn’t responded, what do you do? Do you: A) message them again, B) call them, or C) hilariously call them out on Instagram? Well, if you’re f(x)‘s Amber the answer is definitely C!

Krystal has recently been blessing fans with plenty of updates and adorable selcas. One such set of black and white selves, however, didn’t just grab fans’ attention because of how dazzling Krystal looked but also because fans quickly spotted Amber’s message to Krystal in the comments.

Underneath the post, Amber hilariously asked Krystal to respond to her! MeU highly suspect that Amber had sent Krystal a message but hadn’t yet gotten a response from Krystal quite yet!

While MeU might not know if Amber ever got her response that time around, a few days later, Amber got her own hilarious Instagram message from Krystal. After posting a picture for her #OtherPeopleChallenge featuring cucumber…

Krystal, who absolutely hates cucumber, couldn’t resist giving Amber a hard time about her particular food choice!

So even if we might not know whether Krystal responded to Amber the first time, Amber did end up with a response on Instagram at least, just not the one she was expecting!