Here Are Amber Liu’s First Impressions Of Her Other f(x) Members

Her first impressions were way off!

Amber Liu sat down for a hilarious interview where she recalled many of her first – from her first debut stage, her first apartment, and more.


One of the questions asked her about her first impressions of the current f(x) members: Krystal, Luna and Victoria.

When I first met the girls, I did not know they were going to be my members. We are all just trainees together, and then until we get put into a group, we don’t know we’re a group.

— Amber


She began by explaining how Krystal became her first friend in Korea who helped her out the most.

Krystal was I guess my first friend because she spoke English. Krystal would basically take me around everywhere, show me where to do this and do that.

— Amber


Krystal may not be helping Amber out with Korean anymore, but one thing has never changed since their first meeting – Krystal is still a princess!

Always, she’s still a princess.

— Amber


Amber was amazed by Luna when they first met as Luna was ambitious as ever, challenging new things that had never been done before!

Luna is actually a lot more different than I initially thought. She was singing like power vocals, she did like popping and locking – no other girl trainee was doing that.

So I was like, ‘This girl’s really got her sh*t together.’

— Amber


After spending a decade together, Amber came to realize soon enough that she was just an adorable “fuzzball”!

She’s a cute little fuzzball.

— Amber


Surprisingly, Amber didn’t really have an impression of Victoria since they rarely ever ran into each other as trainees.

Victoria… We didn’t really have an impression of each other because I barely saw her. She lived with me but I barely saw her.

— Amber


But as f(x) fans all know, Amber soon found out how much of a mother hen she is!

She’s a mom.

— Amber


Who would have known that these four different personalities would come together to be one of the most famous K-Pop girl groups in history?!