Amber officially sorted into her Harry Potter Hogwarts House

f(x)‘s Amber is finally back with her “What The Pinapple” YouTube channel and it’s better than ever!

Fans know that Amber is quite a big fan of Harry Potter, so her latest confession really surprised everyone.

She’s actually never taken the official Pottermore sorting hat quiz before!

To rectify this situation, Amber sat down with some of her friends to finally take the quiz.

But not before joking around a bit first of course!

The quiz was a lot harder for Amber than she expected.

But she finished and discovered that she’s a Hufflepuff!

Her friends, didn’t seem to agree, but he had some choice words for them.

In fact, she quickly embraced being a Hufflepuff and fell in love with the badger!

Who wouldn’t want to have Amber in their Hogwarts house?