Amber Responds To Netizen Comment Saying She Looks Like A Pathetic Homeless Guy

A netizen called Amber a pathetic homeless guy and here’s how she responded.

Amber had a few choice words for a netizen who compared her to a “homeless guy”.

Since her f(x) debut, nine years ago, Amber has endured an unending stream of criticism, simply for existing outside of the general girl group image.


Critics disapprove of her androgynous image and tomboy ways: the very same traits Amber stans adore.


Amber’s latest critic insisted, via Twitter, that they “actually really like her” for standing out, but think Amber is using her image “in the wrong direction”.


The OP claimed that Amber is “being silly and acting stupid to please people who don’t give a s*** about her”, and that she is “making a fool of herself”.


The OP called her behaviour “pathetic” and mistakenly assumed that Amber “behaves and even dresses as a homeless guy” because she doesn’t think it’s “ok to be pretty or attractive or even sexy” while maintaining her signature androgyny.


Amber was quick to correct the OP’s assumptions. After enduring criticism for so long, one might expect the star to lose her temper. Instead, Amber used this incident as an opportunity to show others how to love others, and themselves.

“lol you got it all wrong bruh, it’s becuz i dont give a s** anymore, i try to have fun and try to enjoy what i do. I sleep 3 hours a night, work all day, forget to eat a lot of the time… So im sorry i can’t take myself more ‘seriously’.”


She also cheekily invited the netizen to check out her Instagram for “sexy pics”.


In the end, Amber is happy with the way she is, but thanked the poster for caring enough to share their option, and she promised to continue to work harder.


Check out Amber’s original Tweet here:

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