American Actor Loves Korea So Much… He’s Now Living In An Idol’s House

This American actor is in love with Korea!

One American actor’s love for the Korean language and culture has brought him to Seoul.


His name is Thomas Mcdonell and not only is he an actor, but also a musician and artist.

He is most well known for his role as Finn Collines in the American television series The 100.


You can see his infatuation with Hangul just by looking at his Twitter page which consists of posts written mainly in Korean.

“Seriously so cute TTT… (repeated 14 times)”


He said he first gained interest in Korea because the characters of Hangul were so beautiful and later he naturally became more interested in the culture as well.


He seems to know quite a lot about the culture and even K-pop, mentioning soju, BIGBANG and Sunmi’s “Gashina” as just a few of the things he knows.


He was finally able to visit the country he loved so much through the program Seoulmate.

Seoulmate is a Korean tv program which invites foreigners to the homes of celebrity hosts, who become responsible for introducing them to Korea.


His celebrity host in the program was none other than Shinhwa‘s Andy, who is a fluent English speaker.


Fans are anticipating the chemistry they’ll be showing in the upcoming episode as Andy takes them out for traditional Korean dining and much more.


Check out the full teaser below. The episode will air on March 24.