American Actor Thomas McDonell Tweets Out About A Controversial Korean Subject

American actor Thomas McDonell recently weighed in on a controversial topic between Korea and Japan through Twitter.

He expressed his love for Red Velvet while posting a map of the Korean peninsula that marked the sea east to it as the Sea of Japan.

“Map completed, Red Velvet is so pretty….”

— Thomas McDonell

Then he changed up the map in a new tweet, marking the sea as the East Sea.

“I love changing perspectives.”

— Thomas McDonell

His fans and netizens were ecstatic that McDonell also made sure to mark Dokdo Island on the map.

Korea and Japan have been in a dispute between the proper names of the East Sea and the Dokdo Island for decades.

This isn’t the first time McDonell showed his love for Korea and its culture.

He’s known to tweet extensively in Korean and seems to have a knack for understanding nuances specific to the Korean language.

“Korea has ‘ggot saem chu wee’ (unseasonable spring chilliness) and America has Indian Summer.”

— Thomas McDonell

And, of course, he’s a renowned fan of BTS and an honorary A.R.M.Y!

Meet Thomas McDonell, Hollywood’s Biggest BTS Fan and Honorary ARMY

Besides his large presence in the K-Pop culture, Thomas McDonell is best known for his role as Finn Collins on CW’s The 100.

With his impressive knowledge of Korea’s history and interest in its artists, Thomas McDonell’s love for Korea seems remarkably genuine!

Source: Dispatch