An American ARMY Was Stopped By Security Because She Was Listening To “Terrorist” BTS Music

An A.R.M.Y claims she was held for questioning, for the crime of listening to awesome music.

BTS fan claims that Walmart security held her for questioning after she was heard listening to BTS music in the store.


In a group chat, the ARMY told a friend that someone in Walmart overheard her music when her headphones became unplugged. The person allegedly reported her to security for listening to “terrorist music”.


The fan told her friend that she was brought into Walmart’s security office for questioning.


She was asked to explain why she was listening to a song from a country that the US is at ‘war’ with.


The employees seem to have confused South Korea with North Korea. The US is not at war with either country.


Security’s main cause for concern seemed to be the fandom’s name.


When the encounter ended, the fan claims she was escorted out of the store.


After the fan posted her group chat on Twitter, BTS fans expressed their outrage about the alleged incident.


Some fans tweeted Walmart directly, requesting an explanation, but other fans were more skeptical. They wondered if the incident actually occurred, since the fan’s original tweet has been deleted.


Unless Walmart makes an official statement, it’s likely that the incident will remain a mystery!