American Boy Band Big Time Rush Once Wrote A Song For SHINee And Here’s How

Rushers and Shawols unite!

As K-Pop continues to grow popular in the United States, it’s become less of a surprise when Western artists are credited for writing songs that were later used for idol groups. BTS, TWICENCT, and many more have been given tracks that were originally created for American artists and then made them their own.

However, there’s one very interesting collaboration which happened all the way back in 2013 that even seasoned K-Pop veterans may not know about. Kendall, Carlos, and James from the popular boy band Big Time Rush actually wrote a song for SHINee!

“3 2 1” was SHINee’s ninth Japanese single which was fully released on December 4, 2013 by EMI Records Japan. Not only was there a short music video featured on UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN‘s YouTube channel, but it also served as the theme song for a Japanese drama series called Tokyo Toy Box!

“3 2 1” Music Video | UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN/YouTube

On the day of its release, BTR member Carlos even posted a celebratory tweet for the group as well as his friends who had worked hard on the music!

It turns out that the track was originally going to be used for one of Big Time Rush’s albums, but it ultimately didn’t fit into their final lineup. Therefore it was eventually offered to SHINee, resulting in “3 2 1” as the finished product!

“3 2 1” CD Cover | EMI Records Japan

What do you think about their collaboration?