American Fan Gets Surprise Phone Call From BTS V

This lucky American ARMY got the opportunity of a lifetime and got to video chat with BTS’ V.

On an episode of Shake Up The Classroom, actor Sung Dong Il and his son went to America to experience an average American classroom.

After the class experience ended, Sung Dong Il started talking about Korean celebrities and if anyone knew them.

An American student answered that he knew EXO and BTS but cautiously asked why Sung Dong Il kept asking if he knew these celebrities.

Sung Dong Il smiled and started to call someone on his phone.

The student was shook when he found out Sung Dong Il had video called BTS V and immediately said “saranghaeyo.”

V wasn’t shy and immediately asked the student to sing him a BTS song.

The fan was still shook but controlled his nerves to aptly sing, BTS – “Boy In Luv.”

Sung Dong Il was amazed at the popularity of BTS and hung up the call saying V’s popularity was amazing.

Watch the full video below!