An American Newspaper Mentions “Love Yourself: Answer” As An Album To Help Get Through Quarantine

What songs are helping you get through?

The Seattle Times, a popular American newspaper, recently came out with an article called “Seattle Times features staffers’ favorite albums to listen to, front to back, during coronavirus times”. In the article, staff members that work for the newspaper shared their favorite albums that have been helping them get through the pandemic.

We’re living in very unusual, stressful times, so any kind of help or suggestions to power through quarantine is definitely appreciated. Some of the albums in the article include Taylor Swift‘s 1989, Fleetwood Mac‘s Rumours, and Prince‘s Sign o’ the Times, among many others.

One recommendation, however, caught the eye of K-Pop fans and ARMYs alike. Amy Wong, a features producer for the newspaper, mentioned none other than BTS‘s album Love Yourself: Answer as her best recommendation for quarantine. Here’s what she had to say about the album:

Anyone who has had any interaction with me whatsoever is aware that I am a BTS stan. And thank god America is finally warming up to the idea that K-pop is a genre worthy of love and admiration. All of BTS’ albums are great in their own way, but “Love Yourself: Answer” was what got me hooked, and what I think is the best one to listen to all the way through. Opening with Jungkook’s ethereal bop ‘Euphoria,’ the album weaves between solo songs and full-group productions, each artist showing off different facets of BTS’ musical prowess. “Love Yourself” effortlessly blends different genres, taking influences from R&B, hip-hop, alt-rock and pop, while also exploring themes of love, self-exploration and empowerment. Overall, the album features an even mix of certified bangers and bouncy, chill tracks, making for easy listening.

— Amy Wong, Seattle Times features producer

It’s so great to hear about a K-Pop album in such a highly read American newspaper! While the genre is getting more popular in the United States, it still has a long way to go before it becomes accepted enough to be played more on the radio and for K-Pop artists to be invited more often to awards shows. Love Yourself: Answer is definitely a great choice to listen to fully during these trying times, as well as a lot of BTS’s other inspiring and uplifting discography.

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