American Reporter Calls BTS “A Lesbian Pop Group”, Claims AMAs Ruined Because of BTS

This American Youtuber is just about to be sued for his racist and homophobic tweets against BTS.

Mark Dice, a Youtuber and an author of numerous books on conspiracy theories, tweeted hateful comments about BTS.

He called BTS “a new lesbian girl group”, displaying his homophobic outlook on sexual orientation.

He continually made malicious remarks about BTS’s historical achievement, using nothing but illogical hate.

He degraded Big Hit Entertainment, as well as the massive group of A.R.M.Y.

His ignorant and hateful comments went viral among the K-Pop community.

Then he also decided to target the whole K-Pop scene in general.

His remarks became racist as he made ignorant and stereotypical jokes about their race.

In response to Mark Dice’s tweets, BTS fans created a petition to sue him for racist slurs.

Signatures for the petition are rapidly increasing as its goal of 5,000 is nearly in sight in such a short time.

When Mark Dice found out about the petition, he laughed and called BTS fans ‘Generation Z-Zombies’.

Infuriated fans are calling for Big Hit to actually take him to court.

Regardless of the few haters like Mark Dice, BTS has gained many more fans with their US appearances.

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BTS and A.R.M.Y don’t need to pay any more attention to simple-minded haters, as BTS clearly made history this week and no one can doubt it!