This American Song Sounds Eerily Similar To Wanna One’s “Energetic”

It’s easy to get these two songs mixed up before the lyrics drop.

Wanna One‘s hit “Energetic” seems to have a similar sound to American singer-songwriter Mars Today‘s “Summatime Fine”.


“Summatime Fine” was released in 2016 and produced by Filipino-American DJ ESTA, a regular producer and DJ on South California’s Soulection radio and Soundcloud.


Mars Today is a singer-songwriter from California with a R&B and soul sound. He also experiments with dance and electro but is most well-known for his chilled beats.


“Energetic” was the title track from Wanna One’s first album following Produce 101 season 2 and was produced by Flow Blow with Pentagon‘s Hui.

Pentagon’s Hui.

Hui also produced “Never”, one of the songs included in Produce 101’s season 2 top 35 concept challenge evaluation.


Both tracks start with a piano/keyboard intro, with Wanna One’s MV emphasising the importance of the sound by creating a human piano.


“Energetic” is gradually layered with vocals and synth from the piano lead-in and drops into a techno dance beat, which seems like a faster version of the chilled beat in “Summatime Fine”.

While the songs have eerily similar elements, they ultimately follow their titles, with “Energetic” ramping up to the dance beat in the chorus, and “Summatime Fine” heading into a chilled R&B ballad.


Both songs have achieved commercial success and are exemplary pieces of music!

Source: Best Before

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