America’s New Cultural Take Over Is Manhwa aka Korean Comics

Manhwa, also known as Korean comics, is the new Korean culture extravaganza that’s taking over the U.S.!

But more specifically, electronic manhwa called Webtoons have become all the rage among American readers.

Webtoons are manhwa that is easily accessible through apps available for desktop, mobile, tablets and more, making it easy for its readers to tune in anywhere at any time!

Webtoons have already become a part of daily lives in Korea as readers tune in for the latest episodes that are updated every day or every week.

And now the trend has entered the American market, and it’s been gaining more and more viewership at an alarming rate of increasing readers!

Webtoon apps have been deemed the Netflix of comics as they provide full access to a wide selection of premium comics from worldwide.

The creators themselves are able to connect with their readers personally through the apps as they receive feedback for their weekly updates.

They converse with their fans through the app’s features, as well as conventions that are much like ComicCon.

Manwha publishers gain a better understanding of their audience, which allows them to cover a wide variety of subjects and character diversity that best fit their readers.

This is very much in contrast to mainstream American comics that have been very resistant to widening the variety of scope, characters and subject matters.

With its easy accessibility and instant entertainment, thousands of Korean Webtoons have been translated for American viewers.

And cartoonists aspiring to get published can also submit in their work to be picked up by the company!

Source: Wikihow

The market growth doesn’t seem to have an end to its success! American Webtoon companies have reported up to 2,000% growth in America’s $1 billion+ industry in this year alone.

The potential growth in the Webtoon market has been deemed immeasurable because other media outlets like movies, dramas, books and more have taken Webtoon stories to reinvent for themselves.

K-Drama Misaeng was based on a Webtoon with the same title.

With their evergrowing global popularity, Webtoons may just be the next Korean cultural phenomenon to take over the American society after K-Pop!

Source: Bleeding Cool