An Idol’s Death Acting In A Drama

BTOB fans, proceed with caution!

In Fantasy Tower, BTOB‘s Minhyuk played the male lead role. This TV series was also Minhyuk’s first challenge at acting, and fans always have a blast watching this death scene by him.

The show aired in 2013, which is only a year after BTOB’s debut.


Here is how Minhyuk played out the scene.



“Sorry, mom.”




(Runs away)


(Runs faster)


(Run, Forrest, run!)


(Zoom zoom speed racer)


(Boing boing boing)


(Ooookay, my heart)


(Can you feel my heart beat)








(‘_’) ?














(Dramatic eyeroll)






(Look at me, I’m dying)




“Oh no!”
















(Can’t breathe)






“What the…”




“I love you.”






(This idiot…)


(Slow-mo drop)




(I died)


– The End


Watch just how dramatic it was in full: