Analyst Explains How NMIXX and Kep1er Can Become S-Tier K-Pop Groups

NMIXX and Kep1er domination incoming.

When a K-Pop group debuts, there are sometimes indicators of their future success. Album streams and sales are an important aspect of what makes K-Pop groups successful.

Korea Music Contents Association (KMCA)‘s secretary-general, Choi Kwang Ho recently explained how he believes NMIXX and Kep1er can become S-Tier groups based on a data-driven standpoint involving streaming and album sales.

NMIXX | @NMIXX_official/Twitter
Kep1er | @official_kep1er/Twitter

In a video breaking down the achievements of girl groups over the first half of 2022, Choi Kwang Ho first establishes the layout of his data matrix. The amount of unique listeners on Melon, Genie Flo, VIBE, Bugs, and Spotify is measured on the horizontal line (X-axis) and the album sales on the vertical line (Y-axis).

He then states that high numbers of album sales indicates they are “fandom idols” with a high number of individual listeners being “public idols.” If a group has both they are considered a “completed idol group.”

Next, he explains that groups in the top left and right sections have some name value that goes alongside their popularity with fandoms. This is where both Kep1er and NMIXX reside.

Kep1er’s most recent album, DOUBLAST, sold nearly 190 thousand albums in the month of June despite the album being released on June 20. Their debut album broke the record number for first day sales for a girl group.

Kep1er | @official_kep1er/Twitter

Choi Kwang Ho goes on to explain Kep1er have a position to become an S-tier group and will just need to release songs that are slightly more public friendly in order to bridge that gap, which he believes could happen soon.

We must keep an eye on Kep1er’s next move as they have a lot of potential.

— Choi Kwang Ho

NMIXX are in a similar position to Kep1er according to Choi Kwang Ho.

The group debuted in February 2022 and as of May had sold nearly 480 thousand albums. From Choi Kwang Ho’s perspective, this is due in part to JYP Entertainment‘s experience with groups and the selection of the group’s members.

Choi finishes by saying that NMIXX will surely increase their fandom size easily, but will have to release songs that trend with the general population.

Both groups have popularity with their fandoms and are on the path to gaining more public listeners and higher streaming results. Can you say NMIXX and Kep1er domination?

Source: OK POP!!