Announcer Jung Da Eun Reveals She Was Offered A Blind Date With Heir Of Top 4 Chaebol

He lived in a penthouse in the luxurious neighborhood of Cheongdam-dong.

KBS announcer, Jung Da Eun, appeared on a recent episode of Happy Together 4 and revealed that she was offered a blind date with a chaebol.

*Chaebol: family-controlled conglomerates of South Korea characterized by strong ties with government agencies.


On this day, host Yoo Jae Suk mentioned that Jung Da Eun received particularly many blind date offers.

Ms. Da Eun was particularly offered numerous blind dates. It’s not surprising that she would receive blind date offers but she had very many.

ㅡ Yoo Jae Suk


Jung Da Eun admitted that she did receive many during her late 20’s and even confessed that one of them was the heir of one of the top 4 chaebols in Korea.

Actually, when I was 27-28 and single, I did receive many offers. One of them was really one of our country’s top 4 chaebol.

ㅡ Jung Da Eun


She was told that the heir lived in a completely furnished penthouse in the luxurious neighborhood of Cheongdam-dong.

The owner of a jewelry shop that I knew said to me, ‘He lives in a penthouse in Cheongdam-dong and it’s all furnished. You just have to take yourself.

ㅡ Jung Da Eun


The only drawback was that he had been to jail before.

But this person did go to jail once. Are you okay with that?’

ㅡ Jung Da Eun


Jung Da Eun eventually declined the offer because she was a little scared.


Meanwhile, she also mentioned on this day that she went on a blind date with a famous athlete as well. Check out the full video below!


Source: My Daily