Another BTS Member Makes A Surprise Appearance In J-Hope’s ‘Daydream’ MV

Can you spot him?

BTS‘s J-Hope nearly broke the internet today when he dropped Hope World, his first solo mixtape, along with his “Daydream” music video.


Hope World features seven catchy, hip-hop tracks, each song showcasing J-Hope‘s rapping prowess and unique style.


During his recent live chat, a cheerful J-Hope thanked A.R.M.Y for supporting his passion project. For over a year, J-Hope put his ‘blood, sweat, and tears’ into Hope World.


As if a mixtape wasn’t enough of a surprise, J-Hope revealed that another BTS member makes a cameo in “Daydream”. But which member was it?


BTS has a history of using tiny details and symbolism to create elaborate storylines in their music videos. It looks like Daydream is no exception! 

Fans everywhere are searching the video’s kaleidoscopic imagery for the hidden member.

Could he be in this painting?


But even eagle-eyed fans are having a difficult time knowing who and where for sure!

Or in this astronaut suit?


Some fans speculate that the hand in this video belongs to Jin!


Who is the hidden member? A.R.M.Y wants to know!