Anyone Who Doubts Sulli’s Beauty Will Change Their Mind After Seeing These Unedited Photos

Sulli is already a household name for her beauty, but these unedited photos reveal just how beautiful she really is.

These unedited photos of her recent appearance at a Burberry event show that Sulli looks like the goddess that she is even when she’s captured by an amateur photographer.

She shines like a technicolor goddess in a black and white world.

Burberry’s clothes were what was intended to be on display, but Sulli’s beauty definitely stole the show.

That’s of course not to say that she didn’t elevate the polka dots and classic Burberry check to a whole new level of chic.

With the crowds gathering around Sulli, however, it was almost like the even was for her and not the brand!

Sulli’s beauty in real life naturally captured everyone’s attention.

Her flawless skin, beauty, and styling shone brightly down on the event.

At this point, it’s almost as though all of her photos, unedited or not, should be considered a professional photo shoot!

Source: Nate Pann