AOA’s Jimin Assures Fans That She’s Doing Well Through New Photos

She also shared that she’s going to attempt getting her driver’s license.

If you remember the post that Jimin uploaded on February 12, you probably also know about the concern that her fan community had about her health. The photos showed Jimin looking much thinner than usual with all of the fat on her cheeks pretty much gone.

Following the overwhelming worry of those who saw the photos, some of the photos were taken down, and Jimin’s agency, FNC Entertainment made a statement saying, “There is nothing wrong with Jimin’s health.

Since then, there wasn’t much word on Jimin’s well-being, but on February 21, Jimin updated her fans with new photos that are quite reassuring.

In the photos, Jimin could be seen posing in various ways with a comfortable expression on her face. Despite her still looking thinner than before, she looked a lot better than she did in the photos that stirred up a lot of controversy.

Seeing from the most recent photo she uploaded, it appears that she’s attempting to get her driver’s license. She uploaded an official ID photo of herself along with the caption, “Getting my driver’s license!

It’s reassuring to see the liveliness back in her face, but let’s hope she continues to take care of her health so she can come back even stronger!

Source: Insight
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