AOA Mina went on a water diet, and here’s what happened to her

AOA‘s Mina confessed that she didn’t even drink water during her diet for her solo stage at their first official concert.

“There’s a dance move where I have to get on top of a backup dancer’s shoulders, and I suffered a bit. So, I dieted without even drinking water.”

— AOA’s Mina

Upon hearing the news, fans commented on how she already had an extremely thin waist and low weight, and expressed concern for her health. Below are photos of Mina prior to her extreme diet.

Dehydrating oneself can be a fast way to shed a couple pounds of water weight temporarily, but is extremely unhealthy, and can have terrible side effects. Below are photos of Mina’s performance after her water diet.

Mina’s extreme diet was likely supervised by a professional dietician, and immediately following the performance she no doubt rehydrated to avoid any dangerous side-effects. Be careful and stay healthy Mina!

Source: Xports News