AOA Seolhyun Says She’s Gained A Lot of Weight, The heaviest she’s been

At a recent performance during Sungdong Future Dream Rock Festival, AOA’s Seolhyun talked about her weight.

To her fans’ disbelief, she commented that she gained weight and that it’s one of the most she’s weighed ever!

Fans and netizens were not having any of it and they responded with reassuring words.

“You actually look much healthier and prettier.”

— Anonymous netizen

And others just stated that she looks exactly the same in her glamorous model-like body!

What’s more, Seolhyun looked just as beautiful, if not more, while performing “Excuse Me” on the stage that day!

Seolhyun just looks good, however, whenever!

Watch Seolhyun kill it with “Excuse Me” below!

Source: Dispatch