AOA Seolhyun shares a photo of drinking beer with her best friends

AOA‘s Seolhyun recently shared a photo of herself relaxing and drinking beer with some of her best friends. 

Finally finding time out of her busy schedule, Seolhyun opted to spend her time winding down with some of her closest buddies, including fellow group members Yuna and Hyejeong. After seeing the photo, some fans suggested that Seolhyun (who’s also a model for Kloud Beer) is perhaps killing two birds with one stone as she has a cold beer and promoting the brand as well.

While it’s been quite a long time since her group AOA has made a comeback, the group recently announced that they would be releasing a new single in Japan soon. So while Seolhyun is taking a bit of a breather now, she’ll definitely need it as her schedule is about to fill up once again.


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Source: Instagram