AOA’s Chanmi Reveals She Aims To Be More Popular Than Seolhyun

This moment between AOA‘s Chanmi and her fellow group member is light-hearted and hilarious.

AOA was featured on a recent episode of the popular JTBC show Knowing Brothers, where the group discussed their recent comeback and their hopes for the future.

The show is very playful and during segments, both guests and hosts speak to each other informally – like schoolmates (hence the school setting theme) – this encourages a lighter atmosphere and allows for more fun moments between the hosts and guests.

During one of these segments, Chanmi quipped that one of her goals is “…to become more popular than Seolhyun”. This is, of course, an allusion to Seolhyun‘s recent popularity and success.

One host asked the girls to raise four hands, so Hyejeong, Mina, Yuna, and Chanmi did.
Mina, Chanmi, Hyejeong, and Yuna raised their hands to Chanmi’s question.
Seolhyun anticipated responses.
Seolhyun anticipated responses.
Chanmi then said her goal is to “become more popular than Seolhyun”.

This isn’t the first time an AOA member has noticed Seolhyun’s popularity, as even fellow member Choa has commented before.

Of course, there was no real hostility here as AOA is an extremely close group – and Seolhyun even divides her solo income between all of the members equally.

Source: Osen

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