AOA’s Mina Accidentally Reveals Her True Weight

AOA‘s Mina revealed how much she really weighs in an adorable photo posted on her Instagram.

A few days ago, Mina posted a photo of her on a scale with the caption, “what’s up with this?”. The scale she was standing on read “94.2” which is probably a number she’s never seen on her own scale. The scale, of course, was showing her weight in pounds, but Mina is, of course, used to seeing her weight in kilograms and 94.2 kg would be a lot for a K-Pop idol to weigh.

To put it into perspective, 94.2 kg would equal about 207 lbs, which is more than double Mina’s weight. In posting this photo, Mina inadvertently revealed her true weight in kilograms, as fans were quick to convert the number on the scale, coming up with her actual weight of 42.7 kg.

Take a look at her cute Instagram post below:

왜 이래

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